Class Overview

Welcome to the ”Understanding IPCS” training module.  

Project Management can be a daunting task, especially when users are forced to rely on numerous disparate systems and software products in order to get the information they need to do their jobs and to keep a project moving ahead at a steady, maintainable pace.  In order to combat this, organizations have been forced to come up with ways to access project data more quickly and efficiently.  

One way of doing this that has repeatedly proven successful is to implement a single-point of access to project data, allowing users to access the project information they need to do their jobs without making them journey between multiple applications to get there.  

The Utah Transit Authority's (UTA) Integrated Project Control System (IPCS) is a prime example of this type of solution.

Why are we here?

This class will provide you with the information that you will need as a UTA employee, or project member on a UTA project, to properly understand and utilize the Integrated Project Control System and the benefits it provides.

What should you take away from this training?

After participating in this training, you should leave with a firm understanding of what IPCS is, how to login to it, how to navigate the system, what information is available to you from the application, and what the different sections of IPCS are and the purpose of each one.


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