Portfolio Management - Project Budget

What is the "Budget" option within Portfolio Management?

The ”Budget” screen within ”Portfolio Management” provides the reader with a high-level comparison of budget information for projects contained within the portfolio.

”Portfolio Management - Budget” Page


This screen pulls the account data for the project from JD Edwards ®.  It is designed to allow portfolio managers to, at a glance, get an immediate understanding of the budgetary standings of a filtered projects list.  Viewers can see the project ID, project name, project manager, department number, current budget numbers, actual costs to date, and remaining budget for all projects listed.  

 "Portfolio Management - Budget” Page


If desired, reviewers can change the data view provided to ”Actual Hours” instead of ”Actual Costs”.  They also have the option of viewing an expanded listing of budgetary data, detailed budget entries and the full approved budget for any project listed.


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