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What is the Material Certifications area?

In the Material Certifications area, you can create and edit documents related to the certification of materials.

To get to the Material Certifications area, select "Quality" from the top menu, followed by "Material Certifications" from the secondary menu.

The "Material Certifications" page has three main sections within the body. Those are:

Project Information

To help the user identify which project they are currently working with, project information has been placed near the top of the page.


You can use the filtering to narrow or broaden the results. By default, all documents are displayed.

Material Certifications Documents

Each contract may have zero or more documents associated with it. Each document has a material type, contract, description and attachment.

Document List

Documents are grouped by contract. The tabs at the top of the list reflect this. In addition to tabs for each contract, there is a tab for "All" documents. NOTE: Not everyone has access to view all documents. If you do not have access, you will not see a tab for all documents.

By default, "All" is selected. You can choose to view the documents for a specific contract or view all documents. Your tab selection will be remembered the next time you return to the listing.

From within the list, you can (depending on your role) create a new document or edit a document.

New Document

You can create a new document by clicking "Add Document" from one of the tabs in the document list. This will take you to the New Document page. If you created a new document from a specific contract tab, that contract will automatically be selected for the new issue, though you have the option of changing it before you save. If you created a new document from the "All" tab, you will be required to select a contract before saving the issue.

On the New Document page, the following fields are required:

For the Material Type, you can select an existing option from the dropdown list. If the option you want is not included, select <Other>. At this point, you will be prompted to enter the name of the new material type. This material type will then be included in the list of options for future documents.

After completing the appropriate fields, you can click Save Document. Alternatively, you can click Cancel to return to the document list without saving the document.

Edit Document

The Edit Document page is where you can update the data for a document. One exception is the attachment. Once created, attachments can not be removed nor can more attachments be added.

Note that there is no page to view a document's details. All the information associated with a document can be seen from the document listing page.

Page Actions

Save Document - Saves your changes to the document and returns to the document listing page
Cancel - Discards any changes you've made and returns to the document listing page

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