Project Listing - Quality Dashboard

What is the Quality Dashboard area?

The Quality section tracks issues related to quality control, such as inspection reports, and audits. The dashboard shows a summary of quality issues for each contract as well as a summary for the current user and overall.

The dashboard contains one tab for each contract you have access to. In addition to these tabs, there is a tab that summarizes issues across all contracts and a tab that summarizes issues to which you have explicitly been assigned.

All tabs show the number of open and closed issues for each type of issue:

If you are viewing a specific contract, each section shows the issue count for that contract. If you are viewing the summary tab, it is for all contracts. If you are viewing My Log Issues, it represents all the count of corresponding issues to which you've been assigned across all contracts.

On each tab, you can also add a quality issue by clicking the button

Within each contract tab, as well as in the My Log Issues tab, you can also see a count of Actions Taken to be reviewed which shows how many issues have an outstanding action taken that has not been reviewed. Each section also contains the average time it has taken to respond to issues of that type.

Finally, you can add or edit a material testing summary for each contract by clicking the button within the corresponding contract tab.

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