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What is the Project Documents area?

The ”Project Documents” page is the integration area between IPCS and UTA’s SIRE Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).  This page has been added to IPCS in order to simplify the interaction between the two systems; allowing users to quickly and easily find or file documents related to their project(s) without having to switch between the two separate applications.

Project documents are stored within virtual cabinets on SIRE and are accessible via screens provided within IPCS.

The ”Project Documents” page provides users with a number of features including:

Searching for Documents

IPCS Project Documents Search Screen


IPCS users have the ability to search SIRE for project-related documents without having to open SIRE separately.  

The search feature is filtered based on which project the user is in at the time the search request is performed.  Users provide the information they know about the item they are looking for in the indicated index fields of the search area, and the system uses this to narrow the results list to more closely match the user’s expected results.

Adding Documents to SIRE

IPCS Project Documents Upload Screen


Besides searching for existing documents, IPCS users also have the ability to add new project documents to the SIRE file cabinet for a given project using the ”Upload Doc” tab in the ”Project Documents” area.  This feature allows users to make their desired changes to SIRE without having to leave the IPCS environment they are currently working in.

What Document Data is Needed?

When adding new documents to SIRE from IPCS, the user’s IPCS account is used to pre-populate the SIRE Document Entry Form with key information about the user, expediting the data identification so that the process of adding new documents is as efficient as possible.  The user is only prompted to provide information about the document they are adding that the system can't provide itself.

What data is automatically provided?

The following metadata for new documents is automatically added to the SIRE Document Entry Form when users add new files to the EDMS:

Each data cabinet has its own set of inputs.  IPCS will provide the user with the appropriate inputs based on the cabinet for the selected project.

What data is user-provided?

The user must provide the following metadata for new documents when adding new files to the EDMS:

Note:  A light-blue background indicates a required field.

This process is automatically tied to a Document Management workflow involving the document management administrators so that the appropriate people are automatically notified when new entries are made.


Click here to see a video of this process


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