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What Is the Change Control page?

The CCC link takes users to the CCC Requests page. This page is used to provide the Configuration Control Committee (which is where the CCC comes from) with a central location for managing change requests related to a specific UTA project. This page can be activated by either clicking on the CCC link in the button bar or by clicking on the CCC Requests Count link within the Activity Summary area on the Project Dashboard page.

CCC Request List

CCC Request List

From this page users can draft and submit a new request, view or edit an existing request, view the attachments associated with an existing request, create a copy of an existing request, or delete an existing request, dependent on the user’s access rights to those items.

All CCC requests items are generated from, and are applied at, the project level and must be reviewed and approved by the Configuration Control Committee. Change Orders on the other hand are typically initiated as changes to a specific contract on a specific project, but may apply to multiple project if initiated (e.g., design changes.)

Once entered, these change requests are provided to the Configuration Control Committee for review and response, and may be transformed into actual change orders based on the approval of the committee.

Page Sections

Project Info – Displays basic information about the currently selected project.

CCC Requests – Shows all the CCC Requests for the currently selected project.

Page Actions

Create CCC Request – Clicking this takes the user to the Create CCC Request page.

View Change Orders – Clicking this takes the user to the Change Orders page for the selected Project.

CCC Request List Actions

View Change Order – Clicking this button will take the user to the View Change Order screen for the Change Order associated with the CCC Request.

View Details – This button will take the user to the View CCC Request page, allowing them to see the details of the request.

Attachments – Clicking this takes the user to the Attachments page for the request. The user can view, add, or delete attachments associated with the request.

Copy as New – Clicking this takes the user to the Create CCC Request page, pre-populated with the selected requests details.

Delete Request – Clicking this will delete the CCC Request. This is permanent, so use carefully.

Edit / Close – Clicking this will take the user to the Edit CCC Request page. You can edit or close the request from this page.

Create CCC Request

Upper form

Lower form

The Create CCC Request page is used to create new CCC Requests. The user can choose to complete the entire form and submit it to the CCC Committee for review or to save the form (filled out or not) as a Draft for later completion.

To submit a new request, the following fields are required:

Page Actions

Submit – Saves the CCC Request.

Save Draft – Saves the request as a Draft. This allows the user to come back to it later to finish up the request. Drafts will display in the CCC Request List, the Status will be “Draft”.

Cancel – Clicking this returns the user back to the CCC Request List without submitting or saving as a Draft the CCC Request.

View Details

The View CCC Request Details page allows the user to review the specifics of a CCC Request. Once done viewing, you can click the “Finished” button to return you to the CCC Request List page. The user can also choose to Edit the request from the page.

Edit / Close

Recommendations / Approvals and Minutes

The Edit / Close CCC Request page allows the user to either modify the CCC Request and / or Close the request by giving it a CCC Recommendation / Approval. It differs from the Create CCC Request page in that it allows the user to set the CCC Recommendation / Approval as well as enter the minutes for the CCC meeting.

Delete Request

The Delete Request button brings up the dialog box that the user must accept or cancel. If they accept, the Request will be deleted completely and cannot be retrieved. Canceling will close the dialog, performing no action on the request.


The user can view any associated request attachments from the CCC Request List. If there are any associated, they will show up as a list in the Attachments column. Clicking the name will open the attachment.

Users can also view, add, or delete attachments by clicking on the Attachment button for a specific CCC Request. This will take the user to the CCC Request Attachments page. From this page a user can:

Copy as New

There might be times when the user needs to create multiple CCC Requests with similar details. In times like that, the user will find the “Copy as New” button extremely helpful. Once clicked, it will launch the Create CCC Request page, filing in the form with the details of the selected request. The user is free to modify the details as they see fit.


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