Project Listing - Project Risks

What are Project Risks?

IPCS includes a project risk section that allows select users to identify and view possible risks that a project faces, determine the likelihood of each risk occurring, identify what the effects of those risks would be should they occur and then to establish a plan of attack for each risk possibility.

The project risks presented on this page are determined by Risk Analyst Experts who meet with UTA Program Directors, Program Managers and Project Managers in one-on-one interviews to conduct Risk Registery Assessments for each project.  This information is entered into the Palisade @RISK ® program which provides UTA with the actual risk assessment charts used in IPCS.  

UTA Project Managers can use IPCS to update the Risk Register for their project, but these changes will be considered "Draft" changes until the Risk Analyst Expert can review and approve them.



”Project Risks - Summary” Page

The ”Project Risks” page provides concentrated risk analysis on both project cost and project schedule.  For each risk listed the user has the ability to drill down into the details related to that risk and to see the possible effects on the UTA project associated with that risk.


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