IPCS Feature Overview

IPCS was designed with a focus on ease of use and expedited access to project data.  It includes a number of features to meet the defined design requirements including:

Internet-based Operation

IPCS is a web-based project management portal that only requires an active internet connection and linkage to the UTA local area network in order to access.  This provides a level of secured access to the project data, similar to what one would expect to find in a similar server-based application.

Application Integration

IPCS has been designed to capitalize on the Project Management applications that UTA has already invested in.  IPCS integrates with several of UTA's existing applications, pulling data directly from them and ensuring that UTA personnel always have access to the most recent data available:

IPCS Application Integration Overview


System Generated Objects

IPCS has been designed to assist users with the reporting and PDF generation process required by their jobs, automatically creating specific items with a few mouse clicks.

Microsoft Style Applications

In order to capitalize on the previous experiences most users have with the Microsoft operating environment, IPCS was designed to closely emulate pieces of the Microsoft working environment including the file management system and the text editing application.


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