Accessing IPCS

Access to IPCS must be granted by UTA management prior to a user being able to access the system.

Note: Please contact your local manager to obtain an IPCS login account if you have not already been provided with one.

Logging into IPCS

To login to IPCS from a computer directly connected to the UTA network:

  1. Open the web browser installed on the computer (e.g., Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, etc.)

  2. In the address bar at the top of the screen type in the following web address and then hit the [Enter] key:


After a few moments the IPCS "Project Listing" screen should appear:

IPCS "Project Listing" screen


Accessing IPCS using the UTA VPN

In certain situations, access to IPCS will be provided to approved users not directly attached to the UTA local area network.  Approval for these situations will be determined by UTA management and access to IPCS will be provided via the UTA Virtual Private Network (VPN.)  If you believe that you are a candidate for accessing IPCS using a VPN connection, please contact Cynthia Comeau to request that this service be added to your account.  

Who to contact if you cannot access IPCS

For IPCS Login or Connection Issues

If you are able to access the IPCS login page but cannot access the actual application, or if you unable to access the IPCS login page but feel that you should be able to based on your current rights, please contact:

Cynthia K. Comeau, UTA Project Controls Specialist

(801) 237-1977


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